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“Surf-riding” illustration from Moana Hotel souvenir booklet

ca. 1910

The Moana Hotel opened on Waikiki Beach in 1901, as the first large luxury hotel there. All rooms had electricity (from the hotel’s own generator), telephones, and bathrooms.


There was also an electric elevator to reach all five floors, including the small roof garden whose roof was lined with glowing light bulbs.

Probably very few of the Moana’s early guests went so far as to actually venture far into the ocean fronting the hotel, but some certainly went for canoe rides while a handful tried surfing.

The view over the undeveloped marshes of Waikiki towards the mountains, as well as over the ocean, must have been considered magnificent. Quite a change from the view of Waikiki today.

DeSoto Brown

The Historian of the Bishop Museum

1910 - surf - DBCsd.jpg

For all the rest, sitting in a comfortable chair and watching people disporting themselves in the waves was considered recreation enough.

This photo and its accompanying illustration of a canoe on a beach appeared in a booklet distributed by the Moana Hotel.

It could be taken home as a souvenir, or send to people requesting information by mail.


Enticing pictures of Waikiki’s attractions would certainly work to lure prospective customers.

For Sale


Robert 'Jens' Jensen

Historian | Archivist at Surf News Network

The Pipe Masters Posters

Special Sale

Pipe Most.jpeg

Anyone with historical information, kindly email


All posters are in mint minus condition with light edge wear.


Two of them are signed, in 1990 by Wyland, and in 1996 by Kelly Slater, and Roberts (artist).Kelly won the event that year.

I am selling my collection of Pipeline Masters posters. To my knowledge, this is a complete set of those that were printed in the U.S.


This set consists of 26 posters starting with Wyland in 1990 and ending with this year 2018.


Missing from this set are the years 1992, 1994 and 1998. Also mussing are 4 Japanese versions produced for the Marui Pipe Masters in the mid-80's, which are extremely rare.

Size Landscape: usually 24 inches x 36 inches | 60.96 cm x 91,44 cm.

Size Portrait: 18 inches x 26 inches | 45,72 cm x  66,04 cm (sometimes, slightly smaller).

These posters are sold individually for $24 - $76 on eBay. This is the cheapest set you will ever find.

Total Price: 499,00 USD

Buy the collection
Pipe Posters.jpg

Robert 'Jens' Jensen

Historian | Archivist at Surf News Network

Hawaiian Surfboard, 1935

Original book by Tom Blake

Tom Blake Tapa hd.jpeg

Price: $2,999.00

Some copies, with or without Blake's signature, are regularly on sale on eBay for 4,000.00 USD - 5,200.00 USD.


This is one of the cheapest and the most prestigious copy.

This is a very special copy of the book "Hawaiian Surfboard," 1935, by Tom Blake, because it is signed by the author to George Dad Center. 


George Dad Center was Duke Kahanamokuʻs swimming coach, and an icon of the Outrigger Canoe Club in Waikiki, Hawaii.


This book was the personal copy of George Dad Center. Tom Blake signed: “Good luck to Dad Center the surfrider, from Tom Blake."

Tom Blake Tapa3.jpeg

The Book is in excellent condition, and is one of the few tapa copies with embossed surfers imagery on the front cover. 


Published by Paradise of the Pacific Press, Honolulu, Hawaii  U.S.A. Copyright 1935.Introduction by Duke Kahanamoku.

Tom Blake Tapa2hd.jpeg
Tom Blake Tapa4 hd.jpeg
DelaVega Timothy.jpg

Timothy De La Vega

Author of Surfing in Hawaii: 1778-1930

Surf-riders of Hawaii | Centennial Edition

First book on surfing ever


The Surf Blurb is proud to announce a special offer of the final stock of the hand made reprinted editions of the first book done on surfing “The Surf Riders of Hawaii” by A. R. Gurrey Jr., originally done in 1911-1915.


The book was restored and hand made to the original specification and done in cooperation with the Gurrey/Bayer/Murray descendants. 


As a Christmas bonus, you get for free the worlds first Surfing Bibliography: "200 Years of Surfing Literature."

We will ship in time for Christmas if ordered before December 19, 2018!


There are 9 known originals and the last original that sold was at the SHAAC auction in 2014 for $29,000.00. All profits from this publication have gone to distribute copies to libraries world wide so a new generation can appreciate this time capsule from a lost era. 

Presently to assist the Surf Blurb in itʻs important mission we are offering the very last “Centennial Edition of the Surf Riders of Hawaii”. 

This set includes the restored “The Surf Riders of Hawaii” book as well as “The Life & Times of A. R. Gurrey Jr.” by Joel T. Smith & Sandra K. Hall; which includes five restored photos and new information on A.R. Gurrey Jr.

The books are both 7.25 inches X 7 inches; gold cord bound; with 6 leaves, new and restored text and restored "silver halide" photos of surfing at Waikiki circa 1910.


This is a very limited edition (250) and each book is made, numbered and signed as ordered. This set of books comes inside a hand made presentation box.

Price: $160.00

USPS Priority Mail: $13.65

Insurance: $3.50

TOTAL: $177.15 

Shipping in the U.S. only. Email for international shipping.

Buy the book
Pacific logo (2).jpg

Australian Magazine

A local’s view | three minutes from China and the Tudor Duct Tape

The Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational at Riyue Bay in China.


This video is from Hainan local filmmaker Xia Yi: “All Chinese hand, many fun and learned a lot from this great surfing event!”

Mike Lay: autumn charm around the Scottish Highlands

“Michael” a vid by Seth Hughes – land, water and aerial footage. Magical.

Pacific Longboarder

Surf Network.jpg

The Surf Network
the largest collection of surf video online

Cuban Wave Riders | 2018



Cuba has almost three times as much coastline as California. Meanwhile, compared to the Golden State's estimated one million surfers, Cuba's surfer population hovers around 100 people.


Since Fidel Castro did not support surfing in Cuba, the only way surfers could get boards were from travelers passing through Havana on their way to the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic.


Surfing in Cuba has remained a very small subculture where the opportunity for professional sponsorship is non-existent. Cuban Surfers surf for the love of surfing.


What they lack in equipment, however, they make up for with an abundance of pristine, undiscovered coastline and thousands of miles of empty, warm water surf.


In the winter of 2017, two New York Based filmmakers, Taylor McNulty and Liz Magee, traveled down to Havana, Cuba for the first time. Liz had heard about a small local surf scene in the Miramar neighborhood of Havana and wanted to make a short video about surfing there.


With zero connections and 2 research visas, the filmmakers eventually lucked out and met Victor Perez one day at a Havana beach. Victor told them about a series of little known surf breaks outside of the City, and that if they returned, they could join him and a few of the best local surfers for a surf trip around Cuba.


The footage is historical for surfing in Cuba, with never before surfed waves ridden by Cuban Surfers Frank Guerra, Victor Perez, German Rodriquez, and Rey La Rosa.

Cuban Wave Riders is off the cuff, cinema-verite style filmmaking that draws inspiration from surf classics like The Endless Summer and Sipping Jet Streams.


The original soundtrack, photography, and artistic vision of the final film are all a result of this unique and spontaneous adventure.


What was a simple idea became an excuse to travel to a new country, find inspiration, and share the joy of surfing with new friends.


Hening - GH Rincon xs.jpg

Glenn Hening

Founder of the Surfrider Foundation
& co-founder of the Groundswell Society

Waves of Warning

Chapter 27 - Sea Change | Part 1


The encounter between the ego/profit-driven team from Wavelife International - and the sheer power of the ocean - resulted in tragedy and death. Yet our epic adventure continues in Chapter Twenty Seven of Waves of Warning.

Sea-change, begins with David Helmares, now navigator of the Sea People, and his mentor, Taveka, initiating their voyage to Ka’unua for entirely different reasons than those that drove Ian Clark and the Wavelife surfers to their violent fates.


Yet unbeknownst to Helmares and Taveka, massive powers driven by global warning are gathering over Antarctica that will supercharge a Roaring 40s storm in unimaginable (though actually quite possible) ways.


And so Part Two - K3 details the third katabatic wind event, the fundamental force that will drive our story to the extraordinary conclusion of Waves of Warning now forming just beyond the horizon.

Download Chaprer



Ocean mag.jpg

Robert Wald

Editor of the Ocean Mag

Ocean Mag Released

December/January 2019 Edition

Mike Harris made the cover of the Ocean Mag this Winter. Mike was interview by the Surf Blurb last month, and is gaining popularity. 

Congratulation to Mike for taking such wonderful pictures of the Wedge, California.



Forwarded Topics

Doug Fiske.jpg

Doug Fiske

Former Editor of Surfing Magazine

Finnegan on Kelly Slater's Wave

Most of you may know Finnegan, the author of Barbarian Days, one of the best surfing book I've ever read. The Pulitzer people must have thought so too.

The following video and article have been published by The New Yorker.

Surfing on Kelly Slater's Machine-Made Wave

The Backstory | The New Yorker

“Charlie Don’t Surf!”

‘Apocalypse Now’ and What Surfing Means to America

Rus Calisch

Writer, Photographer, Event Organizer

Unauthorized Drone

This Surfing Contest Used a Helicopter to Knock a Drone Out of the Sky.

Incredible Footage Shows Orcas Playing with Swimmer in the Wild


Jeremy Oxenden

Contributor to the Surf Blurb

Secret Spot

A long and slow right, little known in Brittany, France.

Calvin Clack

Contributor to the Surf Blurb

I was searching for an app to help predict when would be the best time to go on a photo operation, and found this one. 


My phone is an Android and so far this app looks impressive.




Editor's Pick

Jeremy round.jpg

Ph.D. Jeremy Lemarie

Editor of the Surf Blurb

An Academic Look

A thorough paper on surf break conservation and management in Ensenada, Mexico.

University access required

Cam Richards at Pipeline, December 6th, 2018 | 

Mark Healey at Pipeline, December 5th, 2018 | | Encylopedia of Surfing

Arrioco, Levine 2018 - surf break conser

The Last image

David Pu'u round.jpg

David Pu'u

Surf Photographer

December 7, 2018

Spring tides bring astronomical high and low water swings.

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