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Canoe surfing at Waikīkī

Matchbook, ca. 1935, & Sheet Music cover, 1937

1937 - Canoe #2 DBC.jpg
1935 - Canoe #1a.jpg

Two canoe surfing illustrations of the same vintage appear on different printed items. They were created by a company and an individual who both worked between the years 1934 and 1942.

The advertising matchbook for the Wonder Bar was printed by the Crown Match Co. in Los Angeles. Crown’s graphic designs are easily recognized by matchbook collectors since they’re substantially better than any of its competitors at the time.

Advertising matchbooks were a big business for decades in the USA, from a time when a much larger number of people smoked. Given away for free, they’d carry their message for as long as the matches held out.

People started collecting such matchbooks by the 1920s and in some cases amassed huge numbers of them, for which we can be grateful, since such disposable items would be very rare otherwise, and we’d never be able to see them today. 

1935 - Canoe #1b.jpg

The picture on the cover of the sheet music for the song “What Are The Wild Waves Saying” is by an artist known only by his signature, “La Salle”.

Like matchbooks, sheet music today is very rarely seen, but into the 1950s it was produced abundantly for people to play music in their own homes, usually on a piano.

La Salle did artwork for sheet music published in Hawaii, in this distinctive and recognizable style.

This particular image was copied from a publicity photograph taken by a man named N. R. Farbman, which was distributed by the Pan-Pacific Press Bureau in Honolulu for publication in the US and internationally.

For Sale


Antony 'Yep' Colas

author of the World Stormrider Guide series

The World Stormrider Surf Guide

2018 XL Edition

WorldCouvlatest sd.jpg

This new XL edition is 446 pages of pure stoke! Now it is out and it is probably our last volume. Especially that hardcover volume which is a first run. The next ones will have a soft cover.

Book Details
Hardcover: 446 pages
Publisher: Low Pressure Publishing;
Edition: 1st ed, November 2018 
Langage: English
ISBN-10: 1908520442
ISBN-13: 978-1908520449

Weight: 2.3 kg or 5.07 lb
Size in cm: 24,9 x 3 x 32,5
Size in inches: 9.8 x 1.2 x 12.8

Brave the New Surfing World!

It has been 17 years since the release of the World Stormrider Guide, volume 1. Issued in 2001, this first volume has been sold around 250,000 copies, including a Japanese version.

In the wake of this success came the World Stormrider Guide, volume 2, in 2004. Soon after, the need for a trilogy became obvious.

The World Stormrider Guide, volume 3, got issued in 2009. It included more obvious key zones, newly discovered shores and obscure coastal bits off the beaten paths.

As co-author of the World Stormrider Guide series with Bruce Sutherland, our original idea was very simple.

In a reference to the adventure novel “Around the World in Eighty Days” by the French writer Jules Verne, each guide book would contain 80 surf destinations, showed in a double spread.

With three volumes, Bruce and I came up with 240 locations around the world. However, which volume would I travel with if I needed to get to Pohnpei in Micronesia? There was a need to gather them all in one volume, and update our data.

Four years ago, it was time to put everything in one book, that we envisioned as a majorsurf atlas. We eventually adapted the lay-out, located some key spots, found fresh photos, and added some spots on maps.  


The Surf Blurb is giving you the opportunity to purchase this XL size collector issue, including the signature of Antony 'Yep'Colas. Antony lives in France, and the book will be shipping from France. Click you location to calculate shipping fees

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Map sd.jpg

Bob 'Jens' Jensen

Surf Historian & Archivist

California Surfriders 



Book Details

Cover size (width × height): 6 × 9 inches | 15 × 23 cm
Binding: Hardcover 
Country: United States
Year Printed: 1946    
Special notes: Signed by Doc Ball, and Inscribed by Robert H. I. Silver to the Calhoun Family.
Publisher: Mountain & Sea Publishing
Place of Publication: California
Rarity: Number 417/510, 1st Edition

Book Price

2,999.00 USD

Shipping Included
In the United States: USPS Priority Mail
Outside of the United States: USPS First Class Mail International

Buy Book

This month, Bob 'Jens' Jensen of the Surf News Network is selling an original copy of California Surfriders by John Heal 'Doc' Ball, published in 1946.

This copy is #417 of the first limited Edition (510 copies total). The book includes a note by Robert H. I. Silver to the iconic Calhoun Family of Makaha.

Binding is in fair condition. Interior pages are in very good to near-mint condition.

The copy is signed by John H (Doc) Ball 18 Dec 1958 inscribed “Greetings surfers"

Note that such edition of California Surfriders was sold at auction for $2,500.00 in California in 2001. In 2009, edition number 472 was sold at auction for $2,300.00 on

For a full description of the book, go to:


Pacific Longboarder

Pacific logo (2).jpg

Australian Magazine

Queens, Waikiki | Surfing in Hawaii | Kelia Moniz, Kai Sallas, Kaniela Stewart and more!

Video from Dans Surf Videos. 

Music by JNSN - “Favela”

Born & Bred – award-winning short on Mal Sutherland by granddaughter Michaela Sutherland

The lifetime Gold Coast surfer/photographer/legend in a five-minute vid which won best doco in the Bond University Film and Television Awards.

And there’s one stoked Sutherland family (and a proud granddad). Go Michaela!

Surf Network.jpg

The Surf Network
the largest collection of surf video online

Fanning or The Impossibility of an Island | 2016




At the opposite of modern transportation the Kwai is one of the last sail powered cargo ship on earth.

It is the only link between the Line islands, a myriad of atolls spread over thousands of square miles of Pacific Ocean and the rest of the world.

When its load allows it, the Kwai embarks passengers. Carine Camboulives, Manu Bouvet and their 2 daughters have been looking for empty waves and off the beaten path destinations for years. This is a trip for them.


They get dropped off on Fanning Island, an atoll with no water or electricity, hoping the Kwai will be back in a few weeks to pick them up.

They share with us a unique story made of surprising encounters including Bruno, a modern day Robinson, extreme isolation, amazing kiteboarding sessions and empty perfect waves.

A land where the notion of sustainability is a matter of life & death. 


Hening - GH Rincon xs.jpg

Glenn Hening

Founder of the Surfrider Foundation
& co-founder of the Groundswell Society

Book | Waves of Warning

Chapter 24 - Surfsailing the Agulhas”

Off the coast of South Africa there is a current that runs from east to west called the Agulhas Current. And when there is a strong swell coming in the other direction, one of the most powerful wave zones on earth is created.

The open ocean swells meet the current to create steep waves 40 to 100 feet high. It would be a surfer’s dream - if you had a craft to ride these phenomenal waves.


The Order of Southern Ocean Marinershas built such a craft, the Alba_Sword, to sail - and surf - around the Southern Ocean. And now L.J. Merrill and Jack Richards are in for a surf session unlike any they have ever experienced. 

They need OSOM to get to Ka’unuabefore Wavelife does, but for the moment the mariners sailing a small fleet of Alba_Swords have their own priorities. 


Download Chaprer




Jim Kempton

President of California Surf Museum

Book Release

FWS _4-11-Spread-FINAL-1sd.jpg

Book Details
8 x 9, hardcover  |  248 pages
$29.95  |  ISBN 978-1-945551-33-8  |  ebook available | Distributed by Consortium,

FWS _4-11-Spread-FINAL-12 HD.jpg

Take your tastebuds on the trip of a lifetime!

Book Abstract
Jim Kempton has spent his life traveling and surfing the world, along the way learning to cook the world’s best beach loving dishes.

Now he’s sharing his vividly colorful, richly flavorful, and vibrantly healthful collection of recipes, along with stories of the best waves, markets, restaurants, adventures, and misadventures that he’s experienced—from Tahiti to Hawaii, the Basque Country to Indonesia, California to Mexico, Peru to Morocco, and beyond.

First We Surf, Then We Eat features a foreword by The Surfer’s Journal publisher Steve Pezman, a chef’s foreword by famed surfer/chef Raphael Lunetta, and photography by Bill Schildge, Jeff Divine, Art Brewer, and Tom Servais.

Jim's Bio
Jim Kempton is a lifelong surfer, cook, and writer. He’s been the editor and publisher of Surfer magazine; the director of Quiksilver’s Crossing Project, a boat that searched the world for the best surf breaks; the director of media for Billabong; and the owner of the former Margarita’s Village, an award-winning regional Mexican restaurant in San Clemente, California.

The San Clemente resident currently serves as the president of the California Surf Museum.


FWS _4-11-Spread-FINAL-78HD.jpg
FWS _4-11-Spread-FINAL-77hd.jpg

Editor's pick


Eliot Crowley


Ned Bowler

What does surfing mean to you?

Ned Bowler sd.jpg

Surfing is symmetry and form. It is shape and function. It is movement and celebration.

Surfing holds great mystery. The treasures are bountiful. Pure stoke for instance. Smiles of grandeur and awe inhabit those faces touched by surf both small and gigantic; not to mention fear!  

Surf is also all about sound and sight and touch. Looking over the horizon at increasing lines of swell undulating and arriving from swirling storms high in the Aleutians or lows off the coast of New Zealand has me giddy with goosebumps.

Touching the face as we glide; touching perfection. Listening to the sucking muffled vortex as your within has its profound effects too.  

I'm enthralled with all aspects of surfing. It makes us stronger.

It challenges us in profound ways; protocol, sharing, ego, pride, humility, breath and dexterity.

I honestly can say my life is fuller and richer from such surfing endeavors.Fellow surfers thank you!

Thank you for showing me that road less traveled and those cold star-encrusted nights waiting until dawn to put on a wet wetsuit.

I'll conspire with you soon again my shifty, tidal moon fetched partner.

I'll swoon in your embrace!


Ned Bowler


Jeremy round sd.jpg

Ph.D. Jeremy Lemarie
Editor of the Surf Blurb

An Academic Look 

Surf Tourism in the Maldives

The Maldives have been rarely studied in academia, and this paper is one of the best up to date, about surf tourism in this location.

BLASTOID - featuring Shaun Manners

Buckley, Guitart, Shakeela 2017 - Contes

The last image

David Pu'u round.jpg

David Pu'u

Surf Photographer

November 28, 2018

Something about red skies at night. But it sure looks like rain heads our way. View last night at Surfers Point.

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