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Timothy De La Vega

Author of Surfing in Hawai'

Southern California, Doc Ball

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Southern California color.jpg

Here is a set of vintage unused glossy photo postcards by "Doc Ball one of surfing's premier early photographers. 


There are one black and white postcard and one color tinted postcards. Both are almost the same image.


Bud Browne, the originator of surfing movies is on the far left and Mickey Doraʻs father on the far right.

The black and white photo appeared in Doc Ballʻs 1946 Book "California Surfriders" on page 53. 

Quoted from text: "Picture of Two Worried Surfers" Gates and Chapin, the two boys coming out of the hook, watch with apprehension the course set by Bud Browne on the "paddlewhacker"."

The black & white postcard reads " Riding the surf near REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA.” 


Color postcard reads
"Long Beach" "Surf riding in Southern California requires much skill grace and a fine sense of balance. It pays off in thrills, spills and the feeling of speed gained in riding a big breaker in to shore. 

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