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Jeremy Lemarie

The editor of the Surf Blurb

A Photo from the Surf Exhibit in Bordeaux

Here is one more piece from the Surf Exhibit in Bordeaux.
Photo by Jeremy Lemarie at the Surf Exhibit, in Bordeaux (2019). Original artwork by Paul Larricart, 2007, Surfing Memory Collection, Gérard Decoster.

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Elvis Pretends to Surf, 1961

This Japanese magazine ad is for the famed Elvis film "Blue Hawaii" from 1961. For those who can't read the Japanese katakana symbols, the title is merely a phonetic approximation of the two words "Blue Hawaii" in English.

This film marked a significant change in Elvis's persona and career. In it, he shifted completely away from his rebellious act of the 1950s and became comfortably middle-of-the-road; a romantic leading man.

My grandmother, who was then in her early 70s, was quickly won over by this change and went to see this movie repeatedly at the time.

DeSoto Brown

The Historian of the Bishop Museum

Maybe part of the appeal was that much of it was filmed on location where she lived. She even took selected grandchildren to see it (excluding me, for some reason.)


In the plot, Elvis plays a young man who has grown up in Hawaii and is friends with a bunch of surfers / beachboys. He does actually paddle around Hanauma Bay on a surfboard and later carries one at Waikiki, but is never shown riding any waves.

The photo of him at the top of this ad was shot in a photo studio in Hollywood, and in the original it's easy to see the sheet of plastic that the surfboard is propped on, as he's standing on it. You can even see it here.

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Geoff Cater

founder & admin of


The first entry in a four-page design feature titled Australian Unorthodox: The Religion of Oz Design.

Published three months after Nick Carroll's article on Simon Anderson's Thruster  in Tracks Number 125, Dougal Walker notes the rapid application of the design by shapers such as Ronnie Woodward at Hot Buttered Surfboards and other top riders, including Tom Carroll and Mike Newling.

Note that in the same issue, Phil Byrne writes that ardent single fin rider, Tom Carroll has been tempted by his clinker-bottom twin fin boards. 

Other contributors are Terry Fitzgerald, Rod Hocker, Geoff McCoy, Michael Rae, Phil Byrne, and Col Smith (Newcastle).

For more:


Thruster, © Peter Simons
Courtesy of Geoff Cater



Jeff Robertson

President of the Vintage Surfboard Collector Club

The Malibu Stokefest

Our club is invited to participate in another fantastic Malibu surf swap fundraiser event next weekend, august 3rd!  

The event is $25 to sell, but it's free to shop! Also, all funds go towards helping the Malibu community.  

Ted Silverberg has hosted several similar surf swap events over the years, and they're always a huge success. This one should be equally awesome, and likely better.  

There will definitely be an assortment interesting vintage boards making their way's out of the dusty garages of Malibu.  


If you'd like to be a seller at this event, for just $25, you'll need to reserve a spot with Ted Silverberg. He's a great guy, give him a call: (805) 402-3111.  


Pacific Longboarder

Pacific logo (2).jpg

Australian Magazine

Saltwater In My Veins | Up the beach in Byron Bay

Surfers: Roisin Carolan, Laure Mayer, Wispy Baker, Jaya Guy, Lola Mignot, Millie Nabeshima. Film & Edit: Jemma Scott @thesalty.dreamers  Music: Phantastic Ferniture

Surf Network.jpg

The Surf Network
the largest collection of surf video online

Raw (2012)


Raw (2012)

Courtesy of Opper Films

Trailer of  Raw (2012) on Youtube


Raw the Movie is a new vision in surf film making, combining surfing, the art of cinematography, and a mindful use of editing that synchronizes video and audio.


The film showcases a diverse range of professional and everyday surfing that has not been seen in years. Raw The Movie will inspire, motivate and just amaze surfer, enthusiasts and non-believers alike.


Give it a shot and believe in the world around you, experience different cultures and see how the waves are meant to be ridden.

This has been a project two years in the making, in that time there have been some of the biggest wave ever ridden.


Through Raw the Movie and its killer sound track you will have the opportunity to lose yourself in waves that have to be seen to be believed and hear what the worlds best have to say about the conditions and their experience.


ForwardEd articles

Robert Wald

The latest August/September 2019 OceanMag is now online for your enjoyment. Printed copies out August 1. Have fun!

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Jeremy Lemarie


Perceptive Learning in 19th century Hawaiian Surfing

For once, I get to share an academic paper that I wrote in 2018. The paper is now online for free. It's written in French, so most of you cannot read it, but here is an abstract in English to give you an idea.

In the 18th and 19th centuries in Hawaii, differences between native Hawaiians and Westerners perceiving the ocean are decisive to the understanding of waves by societies. While Hawaiians swim at ease in the surf zone, navigates stormy waters with their canoes and surfboards, Westerners express their mixed feeling. British, Americans, and French are both fearing and admiring breaking waves, thus highlighting their cultural differences with the natives. To explain such contrast, this work argues for a social history of perception. Then, it offers a theoretical framework aiming at understanding perceptive learning, and at explaining different kinds of human interactions with the environment. The consulted documents include logs of travelers making a stopover in Hawaii, diaries of permanent residents, and ancient Hawaiian collections.


Editor's Pick

ISA Proud to Welcome Vans as Presenting Sponsor of 2019 ISA World Surfing Games

Eddie “The Predator” Blackwell On A Bomb At Deserts

North Shore, Hawaii, 1977

Surf Legends of Hawaii by the Kahuku Film Club | Eddie Aikau, Clyde Aikau, Ben Aipa, Buffalo Kealana, Michael Ho, Rell Sun, a journey to find the true Hawaiian voice of surfing.

The Best Tuberiding You've Ever Seen on a Twin Fin | SURFER Magazine

The Last image

David Pu'u round.jpg

David Pu'u

Surf Photographer

July 24, 2019

Mary Osborne, morning in SJDC Mexico. #davidpuuphotography


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