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Jeremy Lemarie

The editor of the Surf Blurb

A Photo from the Surf Exhibit in Bordeaux

Last week, I asked if some of you know the picture below. Here is what I gotCary Weiss mentioned that this photo is one of seven that he sold to Surf systems in Biarritz. As he recalls, this photo is taken from the Santa Monica pier area, showing men from one of the paddleboard clubs and women from the Moana paddleboard club.


Manny Gratz said more on the location. To him, the girl in the bottom right corner of the photo on the white board looks like Dottie Hawkins Ault. For more about Dottie Hawkins Ault, go to:

Dottie sd.jpg

Thank you for helping me with this photo. Here is another beautiful piece at the Surf Exhibit in Bordeaux.

expo hd.jpg

Photo by Jeremy Lemarie taken at the Surf Exhibit in Bordeaux

Interestingly, according to John Mazza, the picture is likely of kids meeting the Great White Steamship (SS Catalina) when it arrived daily at Catalina Island, CA. 


Kids would dive for coins tossed by the tourists and it appears that some of them have masks sitting on their heads. This went on for many many rears until the Great White Steamship's demise.

Image from

Bordeaux hd2.jpg

Photo by Jeremy Lemarie at the Surf Exhibit, in Bordeaux (2019). Original artwork by Stephan Vanfleteren: Fabio Agostinho Da Costa, young surfer, Porto Alegre, São Tomé and Príncipe. Get Stephan's book Surf Tribe 



Fabric patches, 1930s-40s

Fabric patches made of embroidered thread on a felt backing were in use by Hawaii clothing manufacturers by the late 1930s, but the patches by themselves might have been available for sale as souvenirs before that.

They made use of all the desirable Hawaii imagery, just like postcards and tourist literature did. Of course surfing was included as well.

The specific identification of Waikiki on these two patches shows how this location was, at the time, the center of surfing in Hawaii.

Waves were breaking in the same places as they are today, but the number of surfers was so small compared to what it would become that there was not an excessive amount of competition for space.

DeSoto Brown

The Historian of the Bishop Museum


Patches never can show much detail due to the way they’re made, but if you look at these with your eyes half-closed you’ll get the idea. The surfers are still recognizable.


Old patches like these often are found with insect holes in the felt backing, and one of these examples shows that clearly.



Geoff Cater

founder & admin of

WaveSet : Variable Wave Set Finbox, 1969

An ad for WaveSet: VWS- Variable WaveSet Finbox, 1969. WaveSet, PO Box 618, Ventura, California.

For more about WaveSet fins, go to:

f1969_Variable_WaveSet_Ventura hd.jpg

Courtesy of Geoff Cater

Pacific Longboarder

Pacific logo (2).jpg

Australian Magazine

“Ballade” –Bringing a touch of French soigné to the Gold Coast

Clovis’ understated styling on an 11’0” Glider – and picking the swinging soundtrack on a nylon string acoustic. Master Basque photographer Clovis brings the filming and edit . . . and has the Goldie ever seemed so classy . . . ?

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The Surf Network
the largest collection of surf video online

Thread (2007)


Thread (2007)

Courtesy of Opper Films


Surfers: Joel Tudor, Joe Curren, Ray Barbee, Rusty Long, Greg Long, Jim Denevan, Taylor Knox, Josh Mulcoy, Michael Halsband, Duncan Cambell, Peter Garaway, Tom Curren, Thomas Cambell, Robert Larson, Tom Carroll, Anthony Tashnick, Kyle Ramie, Mike Todd
Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes
Director: Patrick Trefz
Studio: Patrick Trefz

Trailer of  Thread (2007) on Youtube


Thread is not your ordinary surf film. It features a unique blend of the culture that surrounds surfing. The film kicks off with prolific photographer Michael Halsband discussing his working relationship with Joel Tudor.

Filmmaker Patrick Trefz really draws the connections between surfing and art as well as surfing, skating and music. The whole movie is great, from Tom Carroll's fin experiments to the bonzer footage of Taylor Knox and the Campbells. If you want something fresh, Thread is the film. It was filmed around the globe, weaving a mesmerizing visual story of surfers and esoteric ocean landscapes.

 From the streets of the NYC to a rock-lined African point break, the Cote de Basque to Pipeline, jam sessions to surf sessions-in saturated color and deep grained black-and-white Thread, promises a study in contrasts. Broken-up, shattered, then placed, no-stitched-back together, Thread takes-in five lives and showcases the art these individuals make of their time.


Surfing well is a lifetime's pursuit that's expressed in subtleties: the pull of shoulders, the timing of breath. Unfolding on distant shores, each wave and location with its own flavor...



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Jeremy Lemarie


Surfing Program and Personal Well-Being

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Editor's Pick

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Ala Moana Bowls | Footage of the big swell that hit South Shore O'ahu

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The Last image

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David Pu'u

Surf Photographer

July 21, 2019

I did a lot of strobe work back when Canon developed high speed sync. Mary for Betty Belts at Zippers, Cabo. #davidpuuphotography


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