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Forwarded by Matthieu SANTAL 

Snowy ‘’S Famous Headstand

There is a famous tale, told by Snowy McAlister himself, about a surfing contest at Newcastle in 1928 (Snowy was reigning Australian surfboard champion at the time) and Snowy doing his trade mark move, a headstand while riding a wave. It seems Snowy was not confident of winning the event as it progressed and felt he had to pull out the big guns to ensure the win. Snowy caught a wave and adopted the inverted perpendicular pose riding it all the way to the sand. The board came to a halt but Snowy was still committed, maintaining his pose, until one of the judges came over and tapped him on the back saying "That'll do mate, you've won". Not an easy thing to do, riding a wave inverted (looking back at where you've been . . . upside down) so it is ironic then that one of the two oldest known photographs of surfing in Australia shows Tommy Walker adopting a head down bum up stance on a wave at Yamba in the summer of 1911/1912.


© Australian National Surfing Museum

A new issue of the Ocean Magazine

By Robert WALD 

Here is the December/January edition of the Ocean Magazine 2023, it's a bi-monthly that is completely free and available online.

In this edition, you will find several articles, including one on one of the most iconic photographers of the surfing world, Tom Keck.


Click on the PDF logo to access the magazine 

© Ocean magazine cover, painting of Collen Gnos

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Did you know ?

By Alexandre ABBADI 


Surfing is a $10 billion global industry that has more than 20 million participants worldwide. More surfers have been killed in the last 15 years than in all the previous 40 years of surfing combined, mainly due to the rise in big-wave surfing.
Huntington Beach, CA, hosts the Annual City Surf Dog contest to raise money for animal welfare organizations. Dogs are judged based on their confidence riding a wave and how long they stay up.

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© Juan Samudio


By Alexandre ABBADI 

A Portuguese legend is gone

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were in good condition to practice this discipline in complete safety. If you want to know more about the man he was and this exceptional surfer, you can find him in a documentary produced by these friends called "Mad Dogs" made in 2016

© Arturas Kokorevas

Died while surfing Nazaré (Portugal) this Thursday, the Brazilian Marcio Freire was 47 years old. Several times surfing champion in his state of Bahia, north of Rio de Janeiro, Freire left his country in 1998, at the age of 23, to migrate to Hawaii. To know that this man did not earn his living thanks to surfing, not doing competitions but by carrying out jobs as a guide, gardener or even diving instructor.
He is a surfing legend who passed away, leaving behind him the image of a man who fought to ensure that surfers 



The Heart and the see (2013) 
Nathan Oldfield


The Heart & The Sea is the third release from independent Australian filmmaker Nathan Oldfield, the creator of the highly regarded left of centre surf films Lines From a Poem and Seaworthy. Over three years in the making, The Heart & The Sea explores the joy that lies at the very centre of a surfing life: family, friends and a shared intimacy with the sea.
Filmed in stunning locations in Australia, New Zealand, France and Spain, this is a gently refreshing & quietly enchanting contribution to the surf film genre.

Beautifully captured and sensitively crafted, The Heart & The Sea features Dave Rastovich, Lauren Lindsey Hill, Alex Knost, Tom Wegener, Sage Joske, Brett Caller, Johnny Abegg, Kassia Meador, Clovis Donizetti, Belinda Baggs, Paul Joske, Ryan Burch, Chris Del Moro, Matt Chojnacki, Jared Mell, Dane Peterson, Joel Tudor, Harrison Roach and many others.

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Upcoming event

By Sandy Feet Initiative 

2023 Annuel Women's Surf Film Festival

Come and see on Saturday, January 21 from 6pm to 9pm at SHACC. To support Sandy Feet Initiative and see 3 Women's Surf Films: Come see Stoke Chasers, Girls Can't Surf, and The Physics of Nose Riding. 


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© Sandy Feet Initiative

Editorial choice

By Matthieu SANTAL 

Lucy Mae Beers 
Search for missing young man continues at Gunnamatta surf beach on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula

Australian Associated Press
Woman drowns at Gordons Bay in Sydney as surfer dies at Jervis Bay on NSW south coast

Youtube Channel : Surf Channel Television Network
Huntington Pier, North Side Surf

Audra Stafford, Karla Rendon-Alvarez and Renee Schmiedeberg
Not a Beginner’s Day’: Even Experienced Surfers (and a Corgi) Got Caugth in San Diego’s Big Waves

The Last Image

Ali Mussadir 
8 June 2018

© Ali Mussadir

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