Frequently asked questions

What is the Surf Blurb?

The Surf Blurb is a weekly surf newsletter from California, established in 2000. Growing through word of mouth for 16 years, the Surf Blurb has been available online since 2016. Our team is made of legends, professionals and surf aficionados. Come join us, and check out our sample editions.

Why I have never heard of the Surf Blurb?

The Surf Blurb has been online since 2000, but was hardly accessible to the public. If you have not been interested in surf memorabilia, magazines and books, it's likely you have never heard of us.

I want to write an article or promote my business on the Surf Blurb. What should I do?

Simply contact the editor at jlemarie@surfblurb.com

What can the Surf Blurb do for me?

As a reader, the Surf Blurb will show a comprehensive view of the surfing world through its magazine and its online marketplace. By contacting the editor, you can also contribute to th website and get in touch with some of the authors, and contributors. As a business owner, an entrepreneur, or an artist, the Surf Blurb can promote your products and help you to boost your sales. We will give you a strong online visibility, including on Facebook and Twitter.

I am a free subscriber, why I did not get this week's edition?

The free version the Surf Blurb is a very complex e-mail, which includes images, videos, and links. This newsletter does not always land in to your e-mail inbox. Your service provider may identify the Surf Blurb as a spam. The only way to make sure you get Surf Blurb on time is to subscribe to the premium version.