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On the Importance of Donations

At this time of the year, we can find nearly all organizations asking for donations, and we are probably overwhelmed.

Donations are important to us, people working in organizations, because it gives recognition to our accomplished tasks. Most of us belong to at least one organization, whether private or public, for profit or non-profit.

As economic transactions occur daily in our life, donating is another way to value one's work. 

Like every year, I donated to some organizations, including

As a non-tenure instructor and researcher from the working class, I cannot afford much, but I donate still.

Donating is an appreciation for one's work and gives satisfaction to everyone involved in the process. 

The New Surf Blurb Website project is not working well.

Family and friends are donating a bit, and this will help cover some expenses. 

It is likely that the former Surf Blurb website will disappear.
The new one will remain minimal.

If you want to contribute to this transition, please donate now, or order one of our perks!

Link to the Surf Blurb Project

Ph.D. Jeremy Lemarie

Editor of the Surf Burb & author of "Surfing: A History of Gliding"

Mauritus - cyrus-pellet-572080-unsplash

Mauritius | Photo by Cyrus Pellet on Unsplash

If you have not donated yet, I recommend you to do so, even if you intend to donate $1. 


I have hundreds of suggestions, but there are a few organizations that I would like to mention because they have been influential to my work: 

Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum

Encyclopedia of Surfing







Pearl Harbor Brand Paper Label

A silhouetted surfer glides past the outline of Diamond Head in the distance against a sky of green shading up to deep purplish blue at the top.

If you ever see the sky looking like this in real life, something is very wrong. For advertising, however, it’s perfectly fine.

DeSoto Brown

The Historian of the Bishop Museum

The “Pearl Harbor” brand name has no connection to Waikiki, which the illustration shows, nor to Kaaawa, also on Oahu, where this juice was canned.

However, the name probably was chosen in part because of the international fame of Pearl Harbor after it was the site of the start of the USA’s involvement in World War II in 1941.

This recognition would potentially help sales if this product was sold elsewhere in the USA, outside of the Hawaiian Islands.

In the same way, the familiar sight of a surfer would also strengthen the exotic appeal of juice from far-off Hawaii for a customer in less tropical settings.

1950 - Nectar DBCHD.jpg

John Elwell

Author of "Surfing in San Diego, " Arcadia Press

A Spoof |Surf Nazis 

This photo has caused a stir with folks that are anti Nazis. It is a spoof and a joke making fun of the Nazis and German Army. We called my 1940 Plymouth a "German Command Car"

I asked Tom Keck to take this photo with Carlin's camera.  We had just come around Kaena Point on the muddy road. We rubbed mud for the  markings and hung toilet paper on it.

The car ran amazingly well and never had a flat. It had been painted blue by hand. I imagine it was a surplus military-government vehicle. I traded it finally to Pat Curren for a surfboard.

In this photo, we are in Waianae, West side of O'ahu, getting some ice cream. We are keeping our eyes open for the packs of dogs that roamed that area.

Surf Nazis hd.jpg

Photo by Tom Keck using Tom Carlin's camera | Courtesy of John Elwell

Simmons was attacked there by dogs once, when he was cycling. He could have run away but chose to get a pail of rocks on his handle bars and pelt the pack leader to submission.

The dogs eventually left Simmons alone when he came through there again.This photo is in the big Taschen book on SURFING as proof there were surf Nazis.

Pacific Longboarder

Pacific logo (2).jpg

Australian Magazine

British Surf Championships, Cornwall, 1967

Some pretty good hotdogging going on here in some pretty ordinary surf. Shame the voice over has been lost to time, for sure it would have been plummy.

Dug up from the bowels of British Pathe by PLB’s intrepid archive detective Ian Lording.

Surf Network.jpg

The Surf Network
the largest collection of surf video online

Surf's Cooking | 2018



Length: 26 minutes
Director: Ryan Logie
Studio: Nautical Channel

Surfers: Matt Bromley, Ollie Swart

For more:


Excerpt from "Surf's Cookin (2018)," Courtesy of Opper Fillms


Best friends Matt and Ollie embark on an adventure down Cape Town's coastline. Matt, a renown big wave surfer, and Ollie a Chef, will search for the best surf spots while foraging for food that they will then cook together.


Cover "Surf's Cookin (2018)," Courtesy of Opper Fillms

Hening - GH Rincon xs.jpg

Glenn Hening

Founder of the Surfrider Foundation
& co-founder of the Groundswell Society

Waves of Warning

Chapter 29 - “Crosscurrents at Ka’unua - Part Two” 

Download Chaprer



In Part 2 of Cross Currents at Ka’unua we begin with David Helmares and his mentor Taveka arriving at the sacred reef where the old navigator will, in time honored tradition, meet his fate on his own terms to join all his ancestral wayfinders that went before him.

However, that transition will not occur before the two men experience a sobering discovery, followed by Taveka experiencing a profound appreciation for the wonders of riding waves.

At the same time, Heath, Aleja, Sonny-boy and crew are stuck in Tahiti.


Cheryl Corlund believed that riding the most perfect big waves on the planet can and should be done, despite the disaster that befell her predecessors at Wavelife.

And she has planned for that experience not to become a centerpiece for a sales campaign, but for reasons that speak to a much higher calling towards a better future for surfing.

But first the surfers have to get to the reef, and that proves to be easier said than done. Their seaplane is ready, the jet-skis loaded, and all their preparations completed except for one thing: they don't have a permit.


License Plate

Tom Keck.jpg

Tom Keck


License Plate | El Surfr

EL SURFR copyhd.jpg

Courtesy of Tom Keck


Surf-Riders of Hawaii | Centennial Edition + First Bibliography

Pipe Most.jpeg

U.S. | The World Stormrider Surf Guide | 2018 XL Edition Signed

WorldCouvlatest sd.jpg

Surfing: A History of Gliding from the first Wave to the Beach Boys

[In French]
(1.200 copies sold)

Ouvrage surf - Cover xs.jpg
Scanned covers HD.jpg

Editor's Pick

Jeremy round.jpg

Ph.D. Jeremy Lemarie

Editor of the Surf Blurb

An Academic Look | Just Do It

Wheaton is one of the best-known authors working on post-cultural studies. This paper was published in 2000, and has had an influential impact in the study of surfing.

Free access

Hucked | Western Australia

On Vimeo
"Some heavy days of surf passed through Western Australia this winter. I documented those days and put together this edit of some of the heaviest waves that were surfed. The locals sure know how to send it. Filmed and edited by Alasdair Evans.

Fabio Gouevia
By Matt Warshaw in the newsletter of the Encyclopedia of Surfing 

Teenager is 'youngest to kitesurf England Channel'
[Video found on Jeremy Oxenden's Facebook]


The Last image

David Pu'u round.jpg

David Pu'u

Surf Photographer

December 18, 2018

This morning was much more typical for home at this time of year.


© David Pu'u

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